Women in Tech


  • Diversity in Tech and why it is important

  • Experiences, benefits, and challenges of women in tech

  • Why you should hire moms & how to hire moms

The lack of diversity, or non-defaults, in the business of making technology is a problem in both the startup world and the established tech industry. We are very excited to have successful women in the technology industry from different fields that can share their knowledge and experiences regarding this topic. Key questions will include: What the current barriers facing women in the technology industry are; why diversity in the tech industry is so important, why you should hire moms, and why role models are important to inspire girls to enter the world of technology. We are going to be exploring these through the perspectives of both, the employer and employee.


  • Annyce Davis, Off Grid Electric

  • Lara Martín, Babbel

  • Kevin McDonagh, Novoda

  • Vivien Dollinger, ObjectBox_io

  • Anita Singh, Winnie

hosted by Daniela Gausmann, ObjectBox_io