Retro Lambda - Daniel Bauer
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    Who is standing behind RetroLambda? Who is developing? One developer is provides the gradle plugin as an OpenSource Project to GitHub, and a team OpenSource Project on GitHub. One developer for gradle plugin, another team for retrolambda
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    How is the compability with Google work? There is not really a good connection between the RetroLambda Team and Google. It's also hard to say what will happen in the future and how RetroLambda will collide with Google's plans.
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    Support with eclipse I didn't try it out so far, but it should work with eclipse
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    Some sideeffeects appeared: Performance of Android Studio was really slow. Any ideas why and how can this be prevented? Longer build times are necessary because the transformation takes time
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    Is debugging possible? And how does it work? Yes debugging your application is possible and it's really simple
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