What was at Google I/O? - Friedger Müffke
Have you been there? What did you take from it?
Have you not been there? What have you heard about it?

Remote Cast API

Send a presentation to chromecast with the Presentation API

Project Soli

Android Data Binding

Time will tell whether it is useful, how to debug?
Why not have two way binding?

Now on tap

Long Press on Home button launches assitant (Google Now) with feedback, hints, cars of the current activity.
This is implemented by VoiceInteractionService

Google Now with 3rd parties

Your app can now provide cards in Google Now.

Leak detection in Android Studio integrated

You will get better feedback.
There is an API to use the data

Android Studio 1.3 was released

Visual editor with drag and drop.
Improved performance of Gradle Build System. (gradle version 2.4)
C++ integration

Self-driving cars

Technical difficulties are solved. Not tackle the social problems. Lunch in Summer

Is there an update on writing raw videos to the SDCard?

Adoptable Storage in Android M

Revokable Permission in Android M

Runtime requests for permissions will be shown the first time per app.
SecurityException were there alreay, they are now surefaced
Most important impact is on the upgrade path for apps.
The permission dialog is simplified again.
It is also possible to revoke the permission afterwards.
There might be a setting to not being asked for the permissions anymore.

What was there about Android TV


Weave protocol - why a new protocol?
Simplified Android - Android for the Doorbell

Support Design library

Floating Action button, Tabs, NavigationPane, ... and a lot more working backwards